Monday, August 10, 2009

Time flies

Well it's the middle of August already can you believe it? Time flies doesn't it?
Things to do, start thinking about, fathers day is around the corner, spring is nearly here, before we know it summer will be knocking on our door & I won't scare anybody saying Christmas is coming.
I am already thinking & doing plenty about a few of the above RIGHT now.
Fathers Day - I have started some new designs for my bookmarks that are specifically for dad. Great gifts especially from the grand kiddies as well as mums and dads of course. They will be themed as well as personalised. Pop you favourite photo's on them they will be a winner. But I will let you know more about those in the next day or so.
Spring/Summer - Well as Aussie craftsters we need to have our plan down for a new season of fresh new colours and creations. We have to also incorporate and consider some new 'fall' items for our friend on the other side of the globe. Here is a sneak preview at some of my new spring colours coming very soon.

Finally Christmas - What's you creative plan? My plan is on paper THAT'S IT!!
I have a ideas of things consisting of the very important tree, some angels, a reindeer, and of course santa's helpers. It's just a matter of piecing them all together so they collaborate.
Fun Fun Fun, I love it!!

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Sandrine said...

You sound all super otganised better go and do my planning too :)