Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NEW!! Huggies cover preview

I have just started a few new baby accessory patterns to coincide with some new spring items for September. There have been many trials, errors, and mock ups which have then been pulled apart & adjusted again and again.
On this particular item a quick brief....I have always wanted to cover the plastic compact of the Huggies baby wipes. I considered buying one already covered but patterns were adhered to it, which undoubtedly look fantastic. But I always thought it would be best to have one I could take on & off & most importantly wash. We all know these things end up accidentally on the floor anywhere, in mouths, and without a doubt end up with marks on them.
So I have made a cover in beautiful 100% quilting cotton (Moda basics), that can be taken on and off to wash. Problem solved. I am yet to post it up in my Etsy shop or other website as I am just tidying up a few loose ends. They will all be available in beautiful fresh colours, this one I am showing you is in buttercup, with a dinosaur or two. I would love some feedback. What do you think?

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