Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kate Cebrana libe in Melbourne

I was lucky enough to go and see Kate Cebrano last night, she was performing in Melbourne, at the Palms in the Casino. Wow what a show!! I have been a fan of Kate's as long as I can remember. My very first Kate experience was buying her "Brave" album on vinyl, from my pocket money, back then music not only an obsession, but was big dollars for me.
I always remember being as delicate as I could be when placing the needle onto the record, accidentally goodness knows what would have happened should ever I scratch it.
The last 3 years or so I would wait for each January to come around and watch her perform on a summers night at the Melbourne Zoo as part of their amazing twilight entertainment. I thought it was time to step it up, see the real deal, and that being her amazing voice in all it's
I was not let down either. She put on a great show, all based on the journey of her career. As well as her songs there was video imagery highlighting important aspects of her career with even a little personal snippets thrown in. She was funny and beautiful, and such an inspiring woman.
If you are even a slight fan do yourself a favour go and see her, or check out her website for when she hits the road in your state. She was supported by Carl Risely (Oz Idol) and he was great as well. A real show stopper the whole night.

A couple of CD's I had signed in January this year.

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