Monday, August 31, 2009


The screen printing has been done and a new design developed. I had never done any screen printing before and to be honest found it a challenge. Like every new challenge we undertake as artists, we usually find things are not always as easy as they look. It's very humbling actually and makes me respect those who are brilliant at something whether it be screen printing, quilting, to graphic design. I had many trials, and a lot more errors than I would like to admit. Little did I realise the importance of 'warming' the silk screen up up bit, as in do a few layers of screening so the paint warms and flows through the screen smoothly. My terminology may be a little technically challenged, so apologies to those experience screen printers possibly reading this.
So the design is done and the new "Everywhere and Everything Bag" in the Robot and Spring Time Bird, are launched. I am really happy with the pattern of my new bag as it is fully adjustable at the strap, just tie it according to the length you desire. The new Robot Bag is now posted, and Sprint Time Bird will be up shortly.
I have some more ideas for these so stay posted.

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