Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At my house - A new feature wall

As busy as I have been I managed to find some time over the weekend to decorate a blank wall. This wall is at my house, right up against my double French doors that open to my outdoor area. I have been wanting to jazz it up for a while. Finally I got to it & took advantage of the warm weather over the weekend & got some raspberry red paint in a spray can.

I had a set of words that I bought AGES ago.


They were originally in white as I always had intentions of painting them the colour I wanted. Being raspberry red of course.

Here is the wall, a very blank canvas.

A finished wall.
I have two artwork pieces I recently bought from Sweet William that I told you all about a little while ago here. It isn't completely finished as I have a couple more frames to use. I am just not sure what images I want yet. When I buy things for my house, I tend to find that they find me, it'as always when I least expect it & I have kind of accepted that way of buying.

I even have my eye on a couple of lovely embroidery hoops, I am just not sure yet.

I will keep you posted again on the next items I buy.

If you have decorated a blank space in your house, I would love to know what you did.

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Jane said...

How fabulous, Kylie! I'd love to know where you found the words - they're just what I've been hunting for. J x