Monday, October 17, 2011

More purchases for home.

I think I have confessed this before, but I really do love to shop.
Let me clarify shop, I really LOVE to shop especially online.
Of late I have been buying a lot of beautiful pieces that I want to use to decorate my house. Unfortunately a lot of them are still sitting in a little pile waiting to receive a spot for them.

I just received my latest purchase, 2 lovely prints from the beautiful artists Sweet William.

I really do like owls, especially this little guy as he is painted in my favourite colour, a rich raspberry pink. Love it.

I love flowers to, especially this pretty peony as it's in a fantastic colour.

The walls in my house are almost white. They have a touch of minty blue through them, and this rich raspberry pink looks superb on them. I am looking forward to getting the time to hang them and show them off finished.

Along with all the other items I have shared with you all, completely unfinished.

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