Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another design book full of inspiration to drool over

One thing I love, as mentioned before are my design books. I am starting to be a little bit obsessive. As soon as I see something I love, I am constantly buying when funds permits. Slowly, book by book, my collection is growing.

My new book is by the extremely awesome and talented Grace Bonney of "Design Sponge". I can not wait until I can focus on reading this from cover to cover, as well as absorbing all of the inspiration & D.I.Y's to attempt. It still blows me away how the most simple things can look amazing.

I am excited just typing here, can you tell?

Here it is.

Pages that grabbed my attention already.

MMM I wonder how I could adapt these ideas to my own house?

Ha......a quilt cover made from old shirts...Who would have thought?

Here is my tiny collection. Most I have flicked through without being able to give all of my attention. Along with design sponge the other book I am still obsessed with is Holly Becker's Decor8. Definitely reading these slowly over Christmas.

If you have any other wonderful design books that you think I would love PLEASE tell me I love to discover new books. Makes me squeeeal :0)

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