Monday, October 3, 2011

Dora the Explorer

Sunday I was at Fairy Floss Market. It was a special day, their 1st birthday.The birthday guest of honour was the very famous


I wanted to share with you the photo's my kids had taken with their favourite TV friend.

Charlotte was obsessed with Dora the whole time she was there according to my husband. I only saw these photo's taken as I was supposed to be working.
She wanted to follow her constantly & all she did was wave at her.....very cute.

Hudson was also excited, not as obsessive as the other, but was thrilled to finally have a hug with her. When we saw her live a few weeks ago he was a bit stinky with me as he wanted to meet her then, but it didn't happen.

I just love the reactions of kids. This Dora was a tad weird looking to me, but all the kids saw was pure enjoyment. I love the innocence.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics ! I'm glad the kids enjoyed Dora, but I'm with you......bit weird looking !