Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If only I could crochet.......

I have mentioned once before here, that I would LOVE to crochet, but like most working mums I just haven't found the time to learn this lovely skill.

My little girl Charlotte just loves "In the night garden", & I must admit so do I. At the sight of the stars at the beginning of the show & the simple notes played she squeals, & when Igglepiggle arrives, you would swear she was a teenager at a rock concert. She screams & jumps up & down & waves to him, its very very cute. I have bought her some figurines this year for Christmas, and the lovely Ninky Nonk Train, but nothing compares to these absolutely adorable dolls.

The are completely crocheted, how cool are they? I just love them. Unfortunately for me they are PDF patterns, & even more unfortunately I can not crochet. Bummer Bummer Bummer

Oooh I just love them, the whole gang.

Upsy Daisy

Good ol' Igglepiggle the love of Charlotte's life at the moment.

If you can crochet & would like to make these you can buy the patterns here on Etsy. They are so clever aren't they?

One day........By the time I get there she will be on to something else.

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