Friday, November 18, 2011

Cushion Love on Friday - 4

I have a new cushion colour way I would like to share with you today, which was inspired by a customer request. A vibrant shade of purple, or violet, I guess it depends on how you interpret it. I quite the colour purple, so I decided it might be nice to see what other purple beauties are out there. I am just loving all of the different shades that are available, from bright and vibrant to soft and demure. I hope you like them too.

How cool is this owl? You can find it here.
A sweet hippo, you can find here.

I just adore this, I love flowers & this is a whole lot of flower. I actually have some hydrangeas in my garden - by Buffalovely

Lovely birds, & I am loving all the shades, its really pretty - by cushions covered

This is my latest colour palette in my classic girls personalised cushion design. Create especially for a customer, who is very happy about it.
You can buy this design here on madeit or here on etsy.

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