Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Large Apple & Pears Softies

I have been so inspired by my last post. It was an apple I made where I used my designs to decorate it. Anyway my mind has been racing thinking I could incorporate them into my shop.

I decided to make them very large, so they weren't as fiddly to sew, and of course use my own designs so they would look exactly as I would like them.

Here is the first.
A large Pear with some happy words, 'smile, 'laugh' & 'giggle', mixed with lots of hearts and my birds of course.

The next a large Apple.
Great for the boys, blue reds and stars, team with a vintage tricycle and an owl.

I am really happy with them both and of course have a few more designs floating around in my head. But most importantly they were so much fun to make.

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Naturally Carol said...

Your own words and prints are so pretty on them!