Friday, June 17, 2011

My experience - SIDS & Kids

Today I would love everyone to show their support for a very worthy foundation.

SIDS & Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies & children during pregnancy, birth infancy & childhood. In my opinion there are still too many deaths & so much research to be conducted to reduce this heart retching toll. Even though more & more is being learnt there is still so much to do.

Today's post is a very tender one for me, one which I will go into very lightly.

I have been effected by the death of a child. I lost a baby at just over 20 weeks, not just a baby, a daughter. Her name was Madison & unfortunately she wasn't growing properly. It was a a feeling that I can not describe knowing that I wasn't to have her, especially since I had 2 miscarriages before her. I wasn't old, 31 to be exact. It wasn't my fault, I didn't do anything wrong, it was nature, & completely out of my control. I never got to meet her, I named her & buried her, that's it. Sounds heartless doesn't it? It was the most gruelling period of my life of why me, why me, why me. I always imagine what she would look like, more like Hudson? Or more like Charlotte? My imagination will be the decider of that question. She isn't forgotten, it's a lovely reminder she is with my nanna & grandma now.

I now have 2 beautiful kids. Hudson was a blessing, & Charlotte a miracle. I never thought I'd have her, as I had another miscarriage after Hudson. It's an emotional roller-coaster not just for the women, but the partners & families, as it attacks everyone emotionally & mentally.

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I think Charlotte would suit being a clown.

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Naturally Carol said...

You've touched me today. My neighbour and friend lost a baby to SIDS and I know these babies are never forgotten.

Amanda Fuller | Calico and Co. said...

Oh Kylie I am so sorry to hear your story. It must have been unimaginably painful to go through losing your precious Madison. You're a brave woman to put something so personal and real out there! There must be something in the water today - or maybe it was last night's eclipse? Big hugs to you! xoxo

Jane said...

Oh Kylie. You poor darling. I really feel for you. I lost a brother to SIDS. Thank goodness there's so much more awareness and research now. Sending you a huge Hobart ♥ tonight. J x

Bel said...