Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dream Bedroom Décor for Hudson

Cars 2 is out today & I have one little boy who is bursting at the seams to see it. His dad is taking him on Saturday. He is so hooked on this movie, as lovely as I think it is, it drives me a little batty. It's pretty sad when your are starting to remember the dialogue.

Everything he does is "Fast like McQueen".
There is a positive about that saying, if he is dawdling along I can usually tell him that McQueen would do that much faster he is. That usually turns on his engine & off he goes.

I wont buy all of the merchandise, as I couldn't bear it. He own a long sleeve t-shirt, some pyjamas, slippers, several of the cars, and that's it. I was curious to see what was actually available out there for the bedroom & I was flabbergasted.

Check out this furniture, & this is a small selection.
All products were found at Wallmart.

Oh man, what Hudson would do to sleep in that bed.

Look at this, a dream chair to watch the movie for the millionth time. Don't even bring up how many times I am sure he'll watch the 2nd movie when it's released on DVD.

Wow what a novel idea, something to keep your toys stored. That wouldn't work in my house as everything is dumped on the floor. Tidying up seems to be a foreign word.

After looking around, I found this bedroom suite which although extremely over the top is just awesome. I think my husband would actually enjoy as much as Hudson. I could see him sitting & watching the Grand Prix in that bed!!


Bel said...

You know how much I had that crap, but I have to admit that bedroom is pretty rad.

Down that Little Lane said...

We are off to see it next weekend too and I also can't stand the licensed stuff unless worn solely inside the house..we have lots of themed PJ's as a result BUT I have to agree the pit lane themed bedroom is pretty the ramp!!