Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Simple Saturday

Today just seems easy.
I think it was because it's all planned out.
Normally with both my kids, hubby at work, a house to maintain & work to be fulfilled, & many unpredictable moments, my life is like most mums is a little CRAZY!

Today so far has been as simple as this.

Breakfast with 2 of my dearest & adorable girlfriends.
A trip to the supermarket, which as a little overdue by a few days. Today it was a simple chore as I was alone. Hubby has the kids, so I could stroll & look without the pressure cooker feeling of which kid was going to chuck the first tantrum.

My in-laws have had a lovely holiday in Fiji & returned last night. They are coming over for dinner tonight, we are having lasagne & I have cooked the meat sauce & it' just simmering on the stove.

There is no way I could have lasagna & not have a glass of red wine with it. I am a Merlot girl, & just love a drop in the winter.

I will be at Fairy Floss Market tomorrow in Williamstown, & I will be up nice & early. So I will be calling for a reasonably early night.
I love the image of this bed. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to lock yourself away like this? Especially with a book, oh & of course some chocolate. Heaven.

I hope everyone else is having an easy weekend so far.
Have a great Sunday tomorrow xx

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