Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quirky and Quaint the newest addition to my business

Today is a really exciting day for me, I have finally revealed another project I have been working very hard on.

It's called.....

Quirky & Quaint is a direct shopping business offering children’s bedroom decor and accessories, operating in a “party plan” fashion - Not to be shunned at, don’t tense up, this is truly an amazing shopping experience, consider it a

Offering a collaborative collection of handmade goods that are created mostly by women, many of them are stay at home mums, grasping the opportunity to earn an income, by selling products they are passionate about, while allowing them the flexibility to stay home with their children

For the last few months I had been thinking about this. My reason being, was that I was continuously blown away at every market by the "oohs & ahhhs" from people about what they had seen. I too had the comments and was asked beside markets how else could they buy my products. When I said here is my website, they had either never heard of the handmade business my site was on, or asked do I have to join these to buy, & you wouldn't believe the amount of people who still feel hesitant to buy online.

This is when I started think could there be hundreds of people who must be saying the same thing. They love design and definitely appreciate uniqueness and great craftsmanship. Why not take it to them? It's another wonderful way of supporting the handmade industry showing commercial shoppers that handmade doesn't mean cheap, or second hand, but instead it exceeds the quality and design of a mass produced products.

To make this a success for everyone involved, if you're interested in having a presentation (melbourne based people) head over to the blog where you can read a lot more. Then send me an email & I can forward you a presentation book.

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