Monday, July 18, 2011

I used to want to be a bridal wear designer

I used to want to be a bridal wear designer, so badly when I was at college. I studied fashion design for 3yrs, and my main subjects were research & design & pattern making. I was obsessed with making made to measure patterns, and mesmerised at how each pattern piece could create such beauty.

When I graduated I still had that hunger, but unfortunately I didn't get a job in that niche area. I was desperate to work as Jane Hill, but so was everyone else.

My first few jobs in the fashion industry were not what I dreamed of, however I didn't give up & kept plugging along. I decided to enter myself in the "Gown of the Year" awards. I was up against all the MAJOR & well known bridal designers. I knew I would never win, but wanted to have a go any way. I designed & entered 2 dresses, this is one of them below.

Please keep in mind these were designed in the mid 1990's, so be forgiving I beg you :0) I made this gown from scratch, the pattern, the rosettes, and the jewellery. There are hours and hours of labour in it, and also a piece of my soul. My decision to go this colour was purely because I knew the competition I was up against I had to stand out in some other way. My idea was colour!
The corset was full on, boned, fused, and more fusing, it could have walked on its own. I learnt this skill courtesy of my on the job training at Garfunkle (Victorians may be familiar with them). The skirt was bustle inspired, lots and lots of gathered & hidden tulle, all hand gathered then hand stitched, & every single rose & leaf I also made. Are you getting the idea of how many hours there are. It didn't matter as it was my passion, I smiled with every stitch.

I wanted to share this part of my journey which seemed so long ago. I also designed another dress for this gala & will share that as well. I love looking back at my work, it's my history, & also interesting considering what I do today. I am also extremely proud of what I did, it's weird how you don't realise how great your achievements were until your history is found in a big folder. Well that's where mine is & I am eager to share more if you would like to listen?


Kelly Exeter said...

Kylie I would have totally worn that wedding dress - it's beautiful!! And not even dated!

In Style KIDS said...

Kylie all I can say is WOW!!
You are amazing and so talented.x