Monday, July 25, 2011

Easy no measure SUPER FAST pumpkin soup

It's wintry today in Melbourne & wanted to make pumpkin soup for hubby & the kids for dinner, & also have some for myself for lunch. I won't be home I am catching up with a friend for dinner.

I wanted to share my version of this old winter staple. I don't measure a thing it's all done by eye & to be honest you can't really go wrong, unless you add too much water.

Pumpkin - I use a whole one, one that's a bit smaller than a dinner plate.
4-6 large carrots
2 medium onions
2 zucchini

Peel all veggies & dice.
Don't dice pumpkin pieces too large or it takes longer to cook.
Throw them all in a pot.
Fill pot with water & stop about 2cm before you reach the top of the veggies.
Add about 4 teaspoons of stock, today I used chicken as I was out of veggie.
Boil until all veggies are soft.
Get out the bar mix & blend.

I used to add a touch of nutmeg, but found Hudson did not eat it after I added, that so I eliminated it.

It's such a simple & healthy meal there is not a gram of fat & so full of goodness.

That is it.
Today's portion took me about 40mins to make & that included chopping the veggies.

This is what I ate today.

image by tigesandweince

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