Monday, May 30, 2011

My Home Library is Finished...Kind of

Earlier in the month I blogged about my love for books and a dream to create a home library. If you missed the post you can catch up here. After looking at countless images for inspiration I did a quick shop to IKEA, bought some shelving and got to work, making use of an unused room in my house.

Once that job was out of the way, the task ahead of filling the bookshelves was quite daunting to be honest. Not only have I bragged that I am a book lover, and a big reader, I came to learn I didn't own half as many books as I thought I did. Obviously my small and cramped current space, gave me this perception I owned a tonne of books. Oh well such a minor problem can be solved, BUY MORE!! Hello Book Depository!

So here is the finished result, a little sparse yes I know, but it's getting there. I love my brand new raspberry red shaggy rug, to give the space a bit of colour. I have had to really hunt around my house to find objects of desire to place on some of my bare shelves. Unfortunately I don't have the budget to buy everything brand new, and coordinating perfectly to make it look like it's come straight out of a Vogue Living shoot. Sigh..

I still dislike my red couch to the left, I will eventually get around to covering that. Time is my battle at present but I will keep you up to date about that achievement. I love my pink vase, I bought that years ago in Hong Kong on a work trip, in some dodgy back door market. It's one of my many miss matched travel souvenirs.

The fun bit, working out how to display my books. I have actually categorised them which is very exciting for me to feel so organised.

I have had to place them in piles to create the illusion of many.

Another little spot with things for me to fill. I love my apple fabric baskets, I still don't know what to use them for, so for now I just enjoy looking at them.

More books and trinkety treasures. My latest favourite piece, is the red apple tea light candle holder I bought from Mozi.

The last angle. More treasures including beer steins bought from the infamous Hofbraeuhaus in Munich Germany. My favourite wrought iron dress mannequin, and lots of photo albums.

I think my library space will always be a work in progress, I am taking my time with it and have decided to let it evolve in it's own way. I still would like some framed artwork to hang, but just need to sit and search for the perfect pieces. I have found fabric I would like to cover the couch in, but at $40 per metre, I think I will practise with calico first, to make sure my couch pattern fits perfectly.

Now I look forward to sitting up there alone and reading....Bliss.
Do you have a peaceful reading space? I would love to know about it.


robyn said...

Room looks great, how about some photos of your beautiful kids to fill up some of those empty spaces.Or you could even put some of the off cuts of fabric you like into photo

Naturally Carol said...

Your pinky red rug is a real wow factor in that room. Your shelves are wonderful and it's really great to have room for the next year or two of book buying. Did you buy the apple basket from "madeit"..I have one just like it earmarked as a "favourite"..maybe you bought it!lol.

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love your library, it's definitley a space I could see myself curling up in :)

I have always wanted a library of my very own but with a major lack of space it's still just a dream.

Bel said...

Birthdays are going to EASY from here on in
(actually ome to think of it, it may be possible that I have brought you books for many a birthday). Best you make a wish list at book depository as well!