Monday, May 16, 2011

A Ladybird 1st Birthday Party - Part 1

Charlotte turns 1 on Saturday, I can't believe it, so I thought I would throw her a little party.
I have decided to create a Ladybird theme, I have always loved these little insects. They are so cute, pretty, and have such a friendly persona about them. It also gives me opportunity to use lots of red and pink together, and get my creative cap on.

Birthday parties are so full on now, the themes, the candy buffet's, I felt extremely overwhelmed, until the lovely Amy fromGiggleberry Creations steered me in the right direction of party supplies, and a load of ideas to help my theme come to life. She is a party planning enthusiast. Thanks Amy xx

I have lots to share about what I am doing, but it's all to much for one blog post, so I thought I share the first stages with you. Another reason is, I am a bit 'last minute Lucy', and still have quite a bit to do.
First...The invite, I created that myself, that was the easy part.

The party decor, from Complete Party Boxes. Lots of red and pink in spots and stripes.
Pink spotted lanterns, to be hung over the party table.
Plates, serviettes and cups, all coordinating perfectly.
Cupcake cases, I won't necessarily be putting cupcakes in those. Still yet to be decided.
A party bag for the special guests to take home.

Loving these little party straws (from Spotlight), they don't match my lady bird, I can live with that. They were too cute to not include.

Gorgeous little toad stools which will be used for the cake. I am making the cake, a lady bird of course, and a friend is helping me decorate it as she is pretty damn good at that stuff. So I am thinking the toad stools with have to be on the grass around the cake?? Still to be decided.

I love these party bags and didn't want to fold them shut after they have been filled. So I used the lady bird on my invite and created a circle design and added it to a wooden peg.

It's very exciting, and I need to write a list today of things to compete & mark them off. Some of those include;
Lady bird party bunting
table cloth
gifts for party games
helium balloons
food of course - shopping list - choc crackles for sure mmm my favourite
A little something for each of the take home party bags

I will admit this is a tad exciting, so stay tuned for more.


Jane said...

Just extraordinary, Kylie! I am so impressed. Charlotte is blessed to have you as her Mum. J x

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

It all looks gorgeous so far! Its my son's bday party on Saturday, we've got a dinosaur theme happening xx