Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Colour Combo - Pink & Chartruese

I know we are heading into Winter (apparently), in Australia, but it doesn't mean dark dreary colours for me. No know I am a colour obsessed.

These two colours I absolutely adore together.
While looking around on Etsy today, instead of working teehee, I found a couple of items that were so bright and happy I wanted to share them with you. After finding those, I intentionally went looking for more, and found some other great finds.

They are a such great, yet not always an obvious colour combination for some. When put against a white back drop, they just pop and scream happy, happy, happy. Also beautiful not just as small accessory items, try using them in your home. Splash the colour about in different shades, it doesn't have to be as rich as the shades I have shown you, tone it down.

A little bit of bright can make a statement, how about using the two colours as cushion covers on a dark lounge, there are heaps of prints around in these shades to make your own. Even paint a few boring frames around the house and sit them together with some fab prints. Paints some old vases, or buy some artwork predominantly featuring the two colours. It's just endless. I found this room featuring both colours and it works beautifully. Not so bright it would make it hard to live in, actually quite soft and soothing,

If around the house makes you freak, take a look at some of the lovely jewellery pieces I found.

I hope your're making something colourful today.

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Great minds think alike! I've currently had a mild (to say the least) obsession with an shade of chartreuse!

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