Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not everything has to be personalised

I had no idea what I was entering in to when I did my first personalised cushions. Putting your name on something is so incredibly popular. My initial idea when I started designing the collection was just to do a regular kids cushion collection. Pretty straight forward, nice and simple. Then the couple of personalised ones I did continued to sell, then I thought I'd do two more, and they sold, then two more and so on. So I guess it's you guys, the customers, that have unexpectantly altered my initial business plan slightly. But that's OK, I love doing it.

I do get a lot of queries, can I "unpersonalised' a particular design. Some can easily be altered, some not so, like the dedicated name designs.

Today's post is to let everyone know that if you like something, but don't want a name on it, that's fine just let me know. The last couple of weeks I have had several of these requests from customers and stockists.

The following have been "depersonalised".
I haven't listed them in my shop, but if you would like any of them feel free to ask me, or if you would like the name on something else removed. I will add them to my gallery & facebook decorative cushion page.

A depersonalised "Apple Pop"

A depersonalised "Monster Mash"

A depersonalised "Lady bird"

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