Thursday, May 26, 2011

One of many things I do when searching for inspiration

I like to be as honest as possible about my business. I would never let anybody think that the ideas 'just flow', or 'oh they just come to me so easily'.

Guess what? It doesn't always happen that way for me.

Lately I have been feeling a little bit flat on the ideas creative front. I think it's actually called 'hitting the wall'. I have been so busy with orders which is just awesome, and I am not complaining about that by any means. I just haven't had a lot for time to focus on developing new things. I am learning through out my business journey that it is really important as a creative being, to just stop. It doesn't matter if you have 30 pending orders, just stop. They won't go away if they are ignored for a few hours or an evening. I know they will still be sitting there later on for you. I have had to learn this myself as I was becoming a little frustrated as I wasn't enjoying the creative side, as I wasn't allowing it to happen. As I mentioned before, it was making me feel a little flat. My ideas felt like they had hit the wall, so I went looking for it instead.

I love books and magazines, they are my addiction of choice, so I decided to buy a whole bunch of design ones. Gotta love my favourite book home 'Book Depository', to feed this bad, bad habit. With great prices & free shipping, it's crazy not too go a little mad once in a while. I bought 6 the other day & 4 have arrived.

I think it is really important to remember this, especially those who create for a living. It is so easy to get wound up in the orders, invoicing, relisting, emailing, networking on face book and twitter, and any other responsibilities. Sit back and set aside an hour or two, you may need half a day, and let your mind wander naturally as you immerse yourself in inspirational materials. Whether is be books, store visits, surfing the net, or going through op shops, as this is the only way to allow you mind to come up with those imaginative sparks, that are at the end of the day, the most important facet of your business. Without those, there won't be any more orders in the future.

I know after flicking through some of these book, I have a few light bulb moments happening.
Happy creating, xx


Naturally Carol said...

Those books look great..there would be tons of inspiration in them..when you have time to get it!

Jane said...

Good for you, Kylie. I haven't come across any of those yet so thanks for the heads-up. Don't forget about Booko when buying books ( - it has saved me heaps! J x