Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paper Flowers

In my quest lately for decorating my house, I have bought countless book shelves and other odds and ends from IKEA. Storage has become a necessity, as I am sick of things on the ground. With a very mobile baby, nothing is sacred my friends, nothing at all.

Now the fun part starts, decorating and sourcing the beautiful pieces to adorn my new places.
I am still working on my dream home library which I promise to show soon. Oooh the pressure of that.

Today I discovered a new shop Miss Isa.
While reading through the wonderful Life on Planet Baby blog, (also nominated as Kidspot 50 top bloggers) she posted her love for these gorgeous paper flowers. It was love at first sight literally, I have always had a thing for flowers. After clicking on the link, seeing this gorgeous the shop, I was sold, hook line and sinker.

I bought these 3 gorgeous colours....How lovely are they?

Also had my eye on this.

Some more lovely paper flowers.

There lots of other beautiful items in this shop like garlands and stunning pencils.
Click here to see the whole collection.


Anonymous said...

Oh they certainly are gorgeous...I am off to have a look :)
Happy decorating.

Lulu froufrou said...


Naturally Carol said...

Hi Kylie..I have just become a follower, I have seen your products on 'made it' and had no idea you had a blog as well. The music pompom is lovely. Please feel welcome to pop over to my blog to if you would like to.

Jane said...

Oh, Kylie, you gorgeous girl - thanks for the sweet mention! I'm so thrilled you treated yourself and delighted to share the prettiness around. J x

sandeep sharma said...

I made these amazing paper flowers to hang up at Thanksgiving. I found a wonderful tutorial for them and I will link her blog in the next post.

paper craft

paper flowers