Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tree Is Up

Its been a debate in my house, "When do I put the tree Up"? Not because I don't want to, its how many times I have to keep putting it up the decorations. Hudson loves to flick the baubles off, hence why this year I have bought the foam ones & the glass one's are away!!
I put it up early this morning while my little man slept. It was peaceful, uninterrupted, just Charlotte and I. Obviously she had no idea, however she seem very intrigued with the shiny sparkle decorations, and I am sure would have loved to shove a handful of tinsel in her mouth. I wanted to enjoy the seeing Hudson's little face light up when he first saw it.
He was so excited when he saw it he jumped up and down, and did a little run on the spot.
It was such a great feeling.

What did I tell you.....Straight for the baubles flick, flick, spin, spin, drop.......Mummy fix........Mummy fix.........This went on a few times until I distracted him with something else.

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Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

We have an issue with the cats eating the tree then chucking it up, and then flicking the little round balls off and chasing them around the house. All part of the christmas fun!