Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas at my house

I am sure you have all read everyone else's Christmas posts, & must be getting over them?
With running the risk of causing several yawns, I thought I would share a little of mine.

It wasn't a super early morning rise, 7.30am we woke, Hudson still isn't aware of what exactly this Santa dude gets up to, so he didn't wake with the sparrows. It was Charlotte's 1st Christmas, bless her gorgeous soul, she had no idea, a regular 6.30am rise.

Once Hudson realised he could finally open the present it was on. Paper was going everywhere, there was lots of oohs and ahhs. Actually it was quite overwhelming for him, he actually became a little silly and over excited. But that's OK, I guess he didn't know what to play with first.

Below are some happy family snaps of the day.
The tree before the unwrapping began.
My favourite picture of the moment, Charlotte wearing mummies new CHANEL sunglasses.
Hudson helping Charlotte unwrap.
A happy family snap.
Hudson and his buzz light year bubble gun.
Charlotte and her duck.

We went to my sister in laws house in Wonga Park, she lives on a beautiful acre, with lots of trees, birds, and silence. Just heaven. I am very fortunate that my parents & my in laws get on well as we have it together every year. I tell you it makes life an easy on on Christmas day, no travelling. The food was great, too great actually, like everyone I over ate. This year I stayed at my sister in laws the night which was the best part of my day, I could have that extra glass of wine & chill out knowing I didn't have to worry about driving home - heaven!

A great day, and something I could write so much more about.
I hope everyone else's day was memorable.

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