Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - A New Year, A Fresh Start

I love the beginning of a new year it's so exciting, so inspiring. It's a great time to reflect on the GREAT events that have happened in my life, and also a great time to reflect on the events that may have seemed...ummm somewhat questionable, and not even worth mentioning.

A huge year for my family with the stand out event, the birth of my baby doll,
Charlotte Rose
Featured below effortlessly modelling my brand new sunnies I received for Christmas.

Also just watching my little man Hudson grow and grow. Even though he isn't fond of sharing, & I am sure believes the world revolves around his demands, I still love him to pieces!!

2010 was a wonderful year also from a business perspective.
It has finally started to gain some structure, and after a very busy Christmas sales period, has confirmed some positive product decisions I chose.
It's been a great year to meet some awesome ladies running new markets, and also meeting the the gals who have stalls at them. I look forward to seeing them all very soon in 2011.
Now I am not one for resolutions as such, they always end up being empty promises full of dissapointment. Instead, I am up for some attainable improvements.
For 2011 I am going to......
Find better balance in my life.

Improve my time management.

Make 'date night' a priority with my husband.

Take one photo per day (A big task just to remember this!!)

Draw more free hand sketches

Wear more dresses
Wear some more lipstick, a sure pick you up.

Spend more time in the garden.
I can think of a million more things I want to do like, eat better, exercise more, read more, save more, go on more holidays. I try and achieve these goals daily anyway, but this year I want to create tasks that are attainable. Not to avoid disappointment, but to take the pressure off, and maybe see where life takes me for a change.
Be kind to yourself in 2011.

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Lulu froufrou said...

Happy 2011! Great goals for the year ~ love the date night one! This one always get pushed aside through out the year. Must remember to do this myself :)