Saturday, January 29, 2011

I need a Whistle

OK this is a joke, I need a whistle, & I need one NOW!
My kids....Hudson 2.5yrs....Charlotte 8 months.... Both gorgeous.
I am just starting to experience a whole new world of why both children need to play with the same toy. WHY???
Hudson has a room full of toys way beyond Charlotte's capabilities at the moment, but why is it because I have pulled out a lot of his 'baby' toys, he has become so possessive. I will admit Hudson isn't loving the world of sharing, and that's a constant battle, but this I just don't get.
As soon as she starts playing with something, like a little sheep from his farm set, he wants it too and takes it. Charlotte bless her hard has developed a strong personality, and when something is stolen from her gets very mad. Very mad I mean by the way of her arms and legs all stiff, turning a slight shade of red, and this frustrated cry comes right out. I am sure she is saying "GIVE IT BACK BUDDY'. I can't get Hudson to understand to leave her alone and when I take it back off him he starts sooking. It's a real battle.

If only a blow of a whistle could work, play would stop and the referee (me) would step in & all would be fixed. Ahhhhh babies

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Mandy said...

Not looking forward to that dilemma!! Aidan, nearly 6, has started playing with all his baby toys again that i'm trying to get ready for the new baby, I pack them away, he gets them out again. It is funny how differently he plays with them though now compared to then. Just hope he doesn't get too possessive when the new one is ready to play with them!!

Great to meet you this morning at the market :-).