Sunday, December 19, 2010

A photo with Santa

Today was a family day, booked into my diary, not negotiable, a day to get a very important photo taken. With Santa of course.
The photos are great, but it took a lot of effort to get them.
Our first meeting with Santa today was quite a disaster. Charlotte took one look at him & screamed, bringing endless tears, she wouldn't settle. I think this must have frightened Hudson as his reaction was then just as bad. The lovely and friendly elves suggested we go into the magic cave for a 15min break & then try again.
It worked!!!
Charlotte was far more accepting second time round. However she would NOT look at the camera & take her eyes of him. The photo looks quite endearing actually, but please let it be know she unsure and wondering what that man with the beard is all about.
While in the magic cave, (which was a lovely little room with interactive Christmas decorations and lights), suddenly Hudson started asking where Santa was and decided to visit him on his own accord. I think Charlotte's reaction being far more accepting second time round helped.
It ended up being a family photo, it has to be done this way as Hudson still won't go near the man with the big snowy white beard.
You can see Charlotte still won't stop looking at him.
I hope everyone's Santa photo's were as much fun as mine were.

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Bel said...

Charlotte hearts Santa ooohhh