Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More door stops & cushions to reveal

Wow it's Tuesday already.
Weekends seem to fly for me, between creating, making orders, the kids activities and just life in general, before I know it it's Sunday night.

I made some time during last week to sneak in some new work. I do crave development and design time, it's very freeing, having an idea and not knowing how it will finish up.

Two new cushions, and two new door stops, finally completed in time for the Fairy Floss market on the Sunday just past. It's such a a satisfying feeling watching a design concept come to fruition. I also had a great response, which was even better, especially to the door stops.

My two cushion design were based on artwork I did a couple of years ago. I didn't even have the work on file only the prints, goodness know where they could be as I have a tonne of USB sticks. After scanning and playing around and improving both designs, this is what I finished with.

Viking Cushion - I have also done magnetic bookmarks in this design ages ago.

Blue Owl Door Stop - There is a pink version of this which has been really popular, hence my new colour way. Also if the owl looks familiar it is based off my boy and girl night owl cushion.

Birdy Stack Door Stop - A familiar bird based of many of my designs including the Girly Bird Cushion.


Jane said...

Well, good for you, Kylie! I especially love the top butterfly one. Are you able to do it in any more colours? Just gorgeous. J x

Anonymous said...

Your door stops are such a great idea, we were always having trouble with ours slamming until my son made me one for mothers day one year...not nearly as stylish as yours are but I love it none the less.
I love the top cushion!!