Monday, May 18, 2009

Hudson's 1st birthday

For those who read my blog knew I was organising Hudson's 1st birthday this week. Boy oh boy was it a journey of organising. I have never cooked so much on my life, baked, created, cleaned and stressed. Hudson's birthday party was Saturday & it was just great. The only downfall as most of us know who become host for a day, I spent a lot of the time in the kitchen getting food in & out of the oven. I just wish I had taken my families advice & left most of that for them to do. The day went so fat I just didn't feel like I spoke to EVERYONE enough, or took enough photo's, or jumped enough in the jumping castle with Hudson. There the downfalls I guess. However it was an amazing day & here are a couple of snaps for you.

His cake I made, a labour of love, even if my fingers we stained blue.
I made all of the lolly, or loot bags whatever one calls them, which I had a ball doing, actually my favourite part.

The important family birthday photo even if we couldn't get Hudson to smile, all of those people singing at him seemed a little strange for him I think.

I am a little buggered as I had 2 other 1st birthdays yesterday however I am just glad to be back to a normal week.

Have a great Monday

Ky x


vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

The cake looks fantastic!! Glad you had a wonderful day :)

Camille Petrocelli said...

Great cake and loot bags! You did an excellent job...hard to believe it was your first, 1st, party! The kids who got the loot bags must have felt so special that you personilized them. Way to start planning #2...LOL!!!