Monday, May 11, 2009

Belated Mothers Day Wishes

I had every intention of wishing you all a very happy mother's day yesterday but it just didnt happen. I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families, and those with kids received lots of cudles and kisses. I also hope you all received something from your wish list.

Well I didn't receive anything from the wish list that I posted about, but got something else that I desperately wanted. I got season 2,4,5,6 of one of my favourite shows Gilmore Girls. I already had 1 and 3, so I just needed the others. All I need in number 7 and I am done. I love this show sooooooo much & have always watched it on free to air TV and Foxtel. However the episodes jump from current to past so I have always wanted to watch the lot to see just exactly what I have missed. No I am asking for something even bigger, peace an quiet to watch them??? Nope ain't going to happen anytime soon.

I also got a gorgeous Eiffel Tower, Daniel said he bought it for me due to it's top platform as we walked around it together. Yes a soppy memory.

Overall my day was great, it started again in the garden which I would like to advise is nearly done. I will post updated pictures tomorrow. Hudson ate so much sand & dirt I am surprise I didn't see it in his nappies, but hey he had a ball which a picture to show it.

We then went for lunch with my parents and brother, and all of my in laws up to Fortrum's in Sassafras. For those none Victorians it's up in the Dandenongs.
Yes it was the best 1st mothers day, I enjoyed every minute.

Ky x

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