Saturday, May 2, 2009

My baby is nearly 1yr old....

Time has flown, it's Hudson's 1st birthday on May 12th. It feel surreal that this time last year I was so heavily pregnant, and may I mention so tired as I was quite big. On May 16th I am having his birthday party with lots of family and close friends. I sent out invites 2 weeks ago,0 hired a jumping castle as there are a lot of kids between the ages of 2-13yrs. I did this to prevent any destruction to inside my house. I thought today I would post fabulous a selection items that I would love to have to decorate everything.

Jungle cupcake toppers by 62cards

I have to have a Happy Birthday Sign by LePoppyDesign

And finally his birthday tshirt by lilcubby

There is so much to choose from and the fact I haven't really organised very much at all I better get my backside into gear.

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Chic Little Shop said...

Happy Birthday Prince Hudson.!