Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Assignment 2 - MATS - Baby Apparel

This week I have been running a bit behind with lots going on. Work, the kids, blah blah I could bore you but I won't. I didn't get a chance to show you my initial sketches for my second week MATS assignment.

This week was all about baby apparel....squeal!! I was pretty excited as it's ME ME ME. I have been really looking forward to this area. I love doing baby & kids designs, as I am sure you already know, so I found the brief a lot of fun, & took me back to my works days when I designed kids & baby wear. However a really new topic....CAMPING!!

A subject matter I have never really tackled, & not being much of a camper myself, I had to work really hard to make sure the icons I added were relevant.

Above is my submission. My illustration on the right, & on the left how I could utilise the icons into some apparel.  I wanted to keep the sweet cutesy feel, & thought I'd design it for girls. Only because most camping themes tend to be more boy like. Besides the fact I could draw pink bunnies made me really happy.

I really got into this theme & found it a lot of fun. It was a subject that had so much potential to go into so many different directions. Fun fun fun!!

Week three's area of design we are tackling is scrap booking. I am really eager to get into that, although I don't scrap book myself, there has been many a times I have oooohed & ahhhhed over the beautiful papers & embellishments I have seen. It should be interesting.

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