Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Assignment 3 MATS - Scrapbooking

Oh geez can I say week 3 of the MATS course was one I was particularly looking forward to. I need to admit I have NEVER had a go at scrap booking in my life, the whole thing just doesn't interest me. However the beautiful paper, trims, embellishments definitely makes me oooh & arrrs. Some of these things are exquisite, & what some pros at this task can create is amazing in itself.

This week, Lilla asks us to create a scrap booking page you would buy to decorate your photos. The icons we had to concentrate on were vintage cameras & typewriters. Once again it was a subject matter I have never ever drawn in my life. I was a bit slow to start feeling a little stumped, so I didn't really look at it much until the Friday before the Sunday it was due. Besides the fact I have been incredibly busy with Christmas orders (YAY), didn't help.

I googled vintage camera & typewriters & it was beautiful seeing all of the models that were familiar to me, & also ones that were well beyond my years. Such incredible & intricate pieces of equipment. After searching I can definitely see the appeal & why one would keep & collect them. I then had a look around at some samples of scrap booking paper layouts, & lets just say the availability is incredible, & endless.

I kept most of my work hand drawn this week, then scanning them into photo shop & jazzing it all up in illustrator.

So here it is, "Capture the Moment".

Can you see how much fun I had? Drawing cameras, pencils, washi tape, pins, clips, icons that could be stuck over photos, cards where you could write personal notes. Fun Fun Fun!!

I can see why people get obsessed over the art of scrap booking, not that I'll be starting any time soon though.

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