Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back for part B - Lilla Rogers course Make Art That Sells

Monday night was the first class of Lilla Rogers course Make Art That Sells, Part B. I completed Part A in June this year, & it was the best course I have ever done. Also the most challenging. It opened my eyes a lot to how my work needed to improve, how to make it improve, & how to do it. I have learnt about following my own style & trusting some artistic intuition. Since then I have been working really hard & starting to rediscover my style.

For Part B of this course, my confidence has gown & I am feeling a lot more assured in what I have to do. There is still an incredible amount I need to learn, but it won't feel like such a shock to the system. It's amazing how one person has to only say one thing & it sticks in your mind. Lilla taught us the "people buy your joy, & that there is room for everyone's art in the market place". She is so dead right & when I feel doubt I always think of those words.

Anyway as already mentioned I have returned & we have been given a brief. The brief is for paper goods. Think cards, gift wrap, invitations, note pads, stickers & the list can go on.

The last day or so I have been sketching away, the topic, winter holiday candy & ornaments. I love drawing anything that is Christmas themed, designing my current Christmas range was a blast. Having to recreate something new is fabulous. Here is what I have been sketching so far.

I can't wait to find out what the main assignment is tonight.

I get butterflies thinking about it.

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