Monday, October 7, 2013

Join me on an imagination & creativity journey

Constant creativity can be tough. However I love it & could never dream of another life, but when you've hit the wall it can be so damn frustrating, even debilitating. Yes I know sounds drastic.

I am asked all the time, how to you think of the things you create. Especially from my non creative friends & family. It kind of makes me giggle as I believe everyone is creative in their own unique way. It's a matter of tapping into it, whether it be art, food, exercise, writing, organisation, woodwork or decor.

An artists creativity needs to be constantly nurtured, otherwise it can dry out. A bit like a plant you don't water, it shrivels up a bit. If I don't exercise this & allow my mind to wander, have quiet time, listen to music, read, or if I don't keep my eyes open, it's easy to lose it & it can wither a little. It doesn't always come naturally to me. like light bulb moments, at times I have to go elsewhere to get it.

I have lots of things I do, & things that I knows others do, too many to go over in one post. It's such an important topic it's going to take a few posts to go over everything.  In this inspirational journey, I will be focusing on creative types like myself, finding the inspiration to create art, products & decor.

Be peaceful. Be Quiet.
This would have to be when inspiration hits most. Being peaceful & letting your mind wonder is so powerful & unpredictable. I absolutely love it, you just don't know where your mind is going to end up. Some people like to meditate, if thats your thing great, my problem is I can't sit still long enough!!
By being quiet, peaceful, & (when possible) alone, it's perfect. My quiet time is when the kids are playing & for 15 minutes I lay on the couch with my eyes closed, or when I'm in the shower. It's lovely to just start thinking about what work you want to create in the future, new design & concepts. Let your mind completely zone out so you naturally start imagining, & start seeing in your mind what you want. It could be designs, objects or colour. Remember when your mind does this, it's a natural course & direction. I know when I do this, which is quite a lot, & I start thinking of ideas I start to take notice of how I feel. You should too. When your mind is in a wonderful imaginative state, usually a top notch idea or thought comes into your head, if your heart races a little, you belly flutters a bit, take hold of the idea. I truly believe thats your intuition chatting to you about it, it's clearly telling you you're on the right track. Whatever you do at this point NOTE IT DOWN!!! Don't lose the idea.

I would absolutely love you to join in & contribute to the ways that you find inspiration whether it be commenting below or letting everyone know about it on face book. By adding your thoughts, you could help others, & possibly give you that light bulb moment.

Inspiration always comes when you least expect it.

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