Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making the change

I am making the big move this weekend, it's so scary yet so exciting.

I am going from Windows to Mac!

I have been wanting to do it secretly for a while, but as my computers are leased, through hubby's business I had to wait until the lease was finished. Now it has & I am ready all guns blazing. I haven't used a Mac in years, last time I touched one of these beautiful apples was when I was employed full time, actually not long after I was married. I remember how great it was then, so heaven knows how amazing it's going to be now.

My main reason for the change, besides the fact we all have ipods, iphones, & they are incredibly stylish, is that they are wonderful for graphics & illustration. Which as you know is what I LOVE!!! Oh and is basically what I do for a living. First thing hubby said to me, knowing what I would say, even though I think he was hoping I would change my mind was, black or white.
WHITE of course, there is nothing nicer.

Good timing also as I want an ipad as well & number 3 is about to hit our shores on March 16th!! I'll have to wait for that but thats such a small thing knowing how wonderful it will be.

Again I have been dying for one of these but wanted everything syncing with everything else. Not only will I now have time to do some work on the couch & at least see hubby of a night, I might get a chance to relax & read some online mags I've bought. I am sure the rest of the family will reap the rewards to LOL!! Another important reason this will be fabulous for me is when I do parties of a night for Quirky and Quaint as I will be able to computerise my whole ordering system, instead of handwriting & calculating everything. Heaven!

Oh it just so exciting.
If you have switched recently what have been you biggest hurdle or 'brilliant' moments!


Jane said...

Oh Kylie, I am so interested in this. Our 10 year old PC needs replacing soon and I'm contemplating moving to a Mac. Which one will you get? J x

Christina said...

We switched from PC to an iMac about 5 years ago - wow! has it really been that long?! - and love it. Even my non-computer-savvy hubby uses it :-) At first I thought I'd need to buy Microsoft Office for Mac but then I found out that Apple iWork can open & export as Office files. And I use Sketch (by for drawing because I can't afford Adobe software. Hope you have lots of fun :-)

Anna Bartlett said...

I did it last year! It wasn't a huge change in the beginning, but ah, the simplicity of installing fonts, let alone syncing everything... hope you love it as much as I do!