Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My quilt project - part one

I have been wanting to tackle a quilt for a while now. I just want one about 3x3, big enough for Charlotte in her cot. To keep her warm, & also something she can snuggle with on the couch. We all have blankets to cuddle up with here, (except hubby), especially when we watch movies.

These are the fabrics I have decided to go with, & the binding I am using. It's going to be be basic, squares only, nothing flashy at all. I haven't even got any instructions to follow yet. I'll let Google solve that for me. I have read so many quilt tutorials, I feel slightly confident I will manage.

How well it turns out is another story.

The exciting part is that I will be adding some squares in myself of my own designs. They are still being worked on, but I will reveal soon.

Any quilting tips are always welcomed.

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