Saturday, March 24, 2012

My fitness journey....part 2

January 31st 2012, I wrote my first blog post on this topic, "My fitness journey".
I was starting to feel flat & unmotivated & heavy for what I was used to. I put on about 10kgs, & I wasn't feeling good.

Briefly.......Before I had Hudson I was very fit for a regular girl, I am definitely not an athlete, nor do I aspire to be one. I was fit enough to climb stairs without dying, I walked most days with my dog (RIP Jasper xx), I always did some form of weights as I am conscious of bone density decline, & I ate well. I also worked with, back then with 2 gorgeous fit & healthy girls which kept me inspired. I saved some money & bought 6 weeks of personal training, For joining the gym I received 2 free...bonus, another week.

Since this time I have managed to lose about 5kgs!! I am so happy & I can really tell the difference it has made, just not physically but mentally. I said I need to lose 10kgs, it's still a goal but the fact I am half way there is awesome. I have built some good lean muscle again which I can see in my arms, shoulders & YAY my collar bones are back! So sometimes that weight loss you dream off is gobbled up in a good way with popping some lovely lean muscle back into your body. I now have strength again, I felt so weak before, when I started I could do very few push ups, of the girlie variety. Now I can do 3 sets of 12 no problem, again the girlie style!! I can do about 5 real ones before I collapse LOL!!
Investing in the trainer as scary as it was initially, let alone painful, is the best thing I have ever invested in. Honestly!! She had me doing things with my body, like using my core, physical strength & pushing me in the cardio aspect harder than I EVER thought my body was capable of. Initially I started with the mind set pre training, "I can't do that any more", & I truly believed it, although deep down I wanted to achieve this. Sometimes I think we make ourselves believe certain things to prevent disappointment.

scrambled eggs - T&W image

She has definitely changed my diet around for the better. I did not allow her to dictate everything I put in my mouth as it was unrealistic to never eat a carb again, or eat sugar! I also told her no expect me to give up my skinny latte! She was taken back a bit, but respected I was happy to cut out the obvious but I had to live & enjoy my food. Besides I have 2 kids monitoring carbs & weighing protein isn't going to happen when I am a mum on the run.

We worked out this simple plan. I was able to stick to this as it was food I enjoyed. The fact it didn't require weighing was BLISS!! I have never been a diet freak so anything that I thought was going to consume my timeI wasn't interested in. She did expect me to cut rice, noodles & pasta at night & include more protein.

muesli & yogurt - T&W image


Carmen's muesli she believed was the best cereal dues to all the nuts & seed & no wheat. I just had 1 serving which is 40gms which is indicated on the side of the box. Throw in a handful of fruit, my choice blueberries, a dash of milk & a dessert spoon of natural yogurt. I had the Jalna Bio organic.

Scrambled eggs (above image) - 2 eggs - she said egg whites only I said no!
These are so quick & simple I always add some ham, tomato, mushroom & chives & straight into the microwave.
Another option is 1 piece of toast with 1 boiled egg. YUM...My favourite.

corn things, avocado, cottage cheese & tomato - T&W image


Salad of course with meat. I always went for tinned tuna.
My favourite lunch is the corn thins (above), bought from the supermarket with avocado...thick....weight watchers cottage cheese tomato & rocket. I have always eaten like this for lunch so this was no strange addition to my world.

steam veggies & tuna - T&W image

Pretty simple. Whatever you eat of a night just no pasta, rice of noodles.
Initially I thought I was missing out a bit as I had accustomed to eating them all the time, but after a while I was fine. I felt less bloated which was a great feeling.

Morning tea - skinny latte & 1 small apple
Afternoon tea - Handful of nuts including roasted almonds & Brazil nuts.

To combat the after dinner peckish time I has some more natural yogurt with some raspberries.
Or I would either have a coffee (instant) or some rose or licorice tea which are gently sweet.

I have kept my diet very simple & was surprisingly strict. I did cave in once or twice & had some chocolate, but I am human & I LOVE chocolate. Why I believe this has worked for me as I didn't deprive myself, I knew that losing some weight would make me feel better, I adapted a new way of eating with foods I enjoy. I ate most of the above every day with some for of variation, but I liked it, hence why it works. In saying that I am always on the look out for higher protein mum friendly meals.

Another reason was my goal of a new pair of jeans. About 2 weeks ago I walked into Sass & Bide, (I love their denim & have owned a pair before) & bought a size 12 straight off their rack. Buying those jeans that cost a bomb, is any motivation to keep going to never NOT be able to fit into them again!!

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