Thursday, April 26, 2012

YIKES...I have had a crazy month

I can not believe it has been nearly a month since I have blogged.
It's terrible actually.
I knew it had been a while, & I always think about how I have not posted anything, but sometimes life gets in the way. When I am incredible busy, my poor old blog seems to suffer. Priorities come into place, & the most important tasks must be completed first.

OK I am not going to go on about why I have been literally "Missing in Action", but my business journey has been a tremendously positive one & I had to get some things organised.

I know you all know that I have another business, Quirky and Quaint.
For those who don't, it's a party plan business where I sell predominantly children's homewears & accessories, sprinkled in with some lovely items for mum.

Fortunately I have had 3 lovely gorgeous girls join the business to sell the brand. These lovely girls have literally turned my world upside down. I have had to work in such a new way. All of a sudden, I have girls to organise & support, make sure their job is as smooth running as possible, as well as paying them for their extraordinary efforts. It has been quite challenging to say the least, yet so exciting. I have had to hire some ladies to help me restructure the business, & mentor me along the way. They have been such huge resources, & brilliant at what they do. They have a lot more experience than I do in the direct sales business (35 years), hence why their knowledge & wisdom I am so blown away with.

During this last month I have had to have agreements & manuals created, new brands included into the business, researching trade marks, as well as creating my very own catalogue. Just getting that organised for printer has been crazy, learning what graphic artists & printers need has been stress in itself.

Doing all this around the kids has been quite impossible, & I have finally popped them into occasional care one day a week. Having 5hrs alone is amazing & I get all the hard stuff done, well the jobs that need full concentration.

I am getting on top of it, & finally breathing. I haven't created a new design for my Tiges brand which is killing me & I miss it, but I know its time to get back to that....And of course my blog.

I am just so happy that I have finally blogged about something today.
A small & simple pleasure.


plushka said...

What a fabulous month you had! Love that catalog idea! Getting to that next level and taking your business somewhere new is never an easy task but you are doing such a wonderful job! x

Julie - MOOPS and hoops said...

Such a lot has been going on for you. Congratulations on what you have achieved. Deep breath!! Enjoy your day.