Saturday, April 28, 2012

My world...Your journey...

Created from love love of travel, and desire to see more of the world. 
I haven't been anywhere overseas since having my 2 beautiful kids boohoo......But that's OK the positive is that when I go again they will be with me! I look forward to showing them different cultures, like I have seen, & I hope they have a real appreciation for what an amazing country Australia is. I also hope they have a curiosity to go and travel themselves....but not for too long & away from me!! Ha Ha!!

Hence my new cushion design, "my journey". specifically for the ambitious, wanting to see the world and creating their own journey.

 Large size cushion 40x30cm

 Need something for the wall & slightly more personalised? 
Large print 40x30cm

If it needs to be girly, that's been covered. This colour combination can also be created in the cushion.

Happy travels!!

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