Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This was my long weekend....

Before you know it the long weekend is over.

I had quite a busy 4 days which started with a Tupperware party Friday night...Yes I am a fan of plastic fantastic!!

Saturday I had to work but that was OK I had friends over for dinner. A casual night with lots of laughing. I cooked for everyone which is always scary!!!

The highlight of my weekend was a late afternoon visit to the Diamond valley trains in Eltham. I haven't been there since I was pregnant with Charlotte. This time it was a twilight session where the trains operated until 11pm.
I called my friend Kim & she came along as well with her hubby & adorable little pixie Allie.

Here we all are, yes including Charlotte who is in front of me & behind Hudson. The downfalls of being the smallest is not getting your head in the shot :(

After the trains it was off to the ponies. When we came here last time, as mentioned I was pregnant with Charlotte & Hudson about 20 months old & wouldn't go near them at all. Now look at him.

Hudson & Allie...Aren't they the cutest....they are such good little mates.

My babydoll!! Look at her....soooooooooo cute. As soon as she saw the ponies she was pointing at them, & couldn't get to them fast enough. As soon as she saw her big brother Hudson on them, she was pointing at the helmet to get it on.

Night time trains

The three of them laughing & having a ball.

It was such a great afternoon & so special to have family time. I cant wait to do it again.

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