Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time to make a big boys room

The time has come to redecorate Hudson's bedroom, he is 4.5yrs & is certainly growing up really fast. His tastes have changed, and is showing signs of even wanting to play alone in there at times. I am quite happy with his room so far, it's bright with lots of lovely natural light, & reasonably roomy. I love the pops of red in the shelves, even though he has asked me for them to be green. I am happy to let most things he likes go, but I am putting the stop to the "Ben 10" green. 

Before I start to make changes I wanted to share the before photo's. I am still a bit unsure of exactly what I will do. It might be as simple as just changing the themes, or I might even go to town. I don't want to paint walls, as kids tastes change too fast, & I like how the furniture, walls & shelving are very neutral. I wont be able to change the furniture around to much, as it would bother him in a routine sense. He's a real creature of habit my little man.

So here it is..... 

Standing in from the door way. Light walls & furniture, with timber contrast which keeps it boyish I feel. I originally wanted all white furniture, but it just didn't seem to suit him. I love red, so his 2 shelves help achieve that pop of colour. I adore his Paddington Bear, & soft truck, but he just isn't interested in them anymore.

From the opposite corner, his cool zig zag shelves. I love these. Have you noticed the Lightening McQueen theme? Bit hard to not see. I adore this movie & all of the characters & feel a little sad that the love for him is slowly diminishing in favour of Ben 10 :(

Wardrobe doors & frog storage. Mind you I never really like it, it was a gift & just kind of filled space. 
Here is some of his artwork which he was very proud to show off, so I will be wanting to incorporate that into the transformation.

One of the very first buntings I made especially for him. I am note sure if mumma bear here is ready to remove those.

One of my paintings I did for him, It was sooooo long ago when I did this, & as much as I was super proud of it, I kind of look at it now and screw up my nose.

I am excited about this mini transformation & will be visiting pinterest and some of my favourite blogs for some inspiration. I will be sure to share what I find.

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