Thursday, September 13, 2012

Neon Love

Spring has hit here in Australia, some parts being warmer than others obviously, but it still showing the same trends. If you haven't seen slowly the last few months of gorgeous neon brights hitting the stores and streets, you must have had your dark glasses on.

Personally I am just loving it, it must be that late 80's child coming out in me, but I am just loving how something so incredibly bright can still have so much class and style. I have put together a treasury via Etsy, of some of the gorgeous pieces out there on offer to snap up.

I am completely in love with the gorgeous wooden bowls & spoons. Not to mention the artwork. jewellery and other accessories, actually all of it. You can go here to read more information on any of the above products.

Have a happy & bright day,
Kylie x

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