Monday, September 17, 2012

Christening Season

I have been getting several orders lately for Christening cushions, and have started to see a pattern when people buy them. It's Spring time, which seems to be the time when everyone wants their child dipped in "holy" water. I actually Christened both my kids in November, so without even realising I too did the Spring thing. It's a lovely day spent with family, friends and god parents. 

Christenings are so much more involved now especially when it comes to celebrations, I found these lovely decoration ideas via pinterest. I must admit I didn't get this involved, I opted for a simple occasion.

I have just designed two new cushion designs for Christenings, or Baptism's, whatever your special occasion. They have been really popular which I love as they are a different idea to the traditional gift.
Keeping with the church theme, you can see in the back ground I have placed lots of crosses there.

Another positive about Christening's happening, is that finally the weather seems to be feeling a tad warmer here in Melbourne.

Kylie x

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