Thursday, September 1, 2011

Business reality check - spring clean challenge

Yesterday I had to do all of my figures for my accountant.
Numbers bore me, I know they are really important for business, but the just don't do it for me. However if the numbers on excel looked as pretty as these I just may be more inspired hehe!

image from pinterest

In saying that I love the numbers that make sales!! That makes me say YIPPEE! Really who doesn't?

Back to my point I had quite a reality check.
Firstly I was so happy with my sales, I did far better than I thought, so from that aspect I am definitely proud of myself. It's been a journey creating around the clock & the kids. It's also very inspiring to think of what could possibly be achieved without distractions & if I ran my business full time. I hear so many other mums talk about how their business takes such a different turn when their kiddies are at school, & you can be more attentive. That's a fair way away for me, so I just work with what I can. Strange hours around the clock.

After looking at my sales then I looked at my expenses.


My eyeballs nearly fell out on my sketch pad. They were close to my sales. YIKES! Admittedly I have used money for things for the kids, & some furniture, & other luxuries, but I was still very surprised. I am not kicking myself for it by any means, I work hard & I reward however my heart sings, which is generally on the kids. After sitting there & thinking I started aimlessly looking around my work space. I saw a whole lot of fabric, some trims, paper, & ink. A lot of it are necessary. There was a whole lot of fabric just sitting there, doing nothing, just sitting. Then it just dawned on me, there are my expenses. Not all of them but a lot. Fabric, fabric, fabric, for me equals impulse buying. I really need to use it up & turn it into some sales. I mean what a waste, I am positive it all had a purpose at one stage, but knowing me that idea or concept has dissolved & I lost interest.

Here is my stash....
I know I know there is a lot.
I am giving myself a bit of a "Spring Clean" challenge. With Christmas only 20 or so weeks away I am aiming to make as much as possible up to put in my Etsy & Madeit shops, as well as take to my Quirky & Quaint parties, and of course my favourite way to sell....Markets.
A new item a day, that's 30 pieces, can I do it? It's a huge challenge for me, I am not going to create super doopa pressure, but I am going to have a go.

I will post my creations for you too see. Wish me luck.

If you would like to join the "Spring Clean" challenge, let me know on facebook so we can do it together.

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Yumminess textiles said...

Ok, I am embarrassed because my stash is waaaaay worse than yours and I just impulse bough a whole lot more - so I will definitely join in! x