Friday, September 9, 2011

Felt Balls & Friday fun

I was very excited yesterday when I got the knock as I knew what it was.

MY RUG....well Charlotte's actually.

I have wanted one of these ever since I first laid eye's on them. I still hadn't bought Charlotte anything for her birthday which was May this year. Yes bad mummy! I honestly didn't what to buy her, I gave her a great party so that has eased my conscious.

When I saw the rugs I just knew that was it. A present she could keep forever.
The quality is amazing it's so soft yet firm, and made just beautifully. The colours are mesmerizing so vibrant and intoxicating.

The kids were so curious asking over & over, "What is it mummy".
When I unrolled it their eye widened right up, they were so into it touching it, rolling on it, & Hudson couldn't wait to tell me every colour in there & attempt to count them.

So I thought I would run some testing.

Charlotte kept walking over it, obviously it was a great texture the soft round balls. By the look on her face it passed!

Hudson did the sleep test & by the look on his face it was far to comfortable as he drifted off hehe.

Stretch out & relax was a sure winner as the stretched & rolled all over it for ages.

It was certainly 30mins of fun this rug. Now it lays perfectly in Charlotte's room.

They are so divine you can buy 4 colours, I have 2 of them here. There is also a red/pink combination & black/grey/white version. I bought this from Mini Me and You & you can also buy them from Quirky & Quaint as I will be selling them in my party plan range.


Belinda - Nest Design Studio said...

Oh they are gorgeous rugs aren't they!
Hope Charlottes sleep is going well still!

Bel said...

About bloody time!!!!!!!!
Very jealous I want a pink and green one with speckles of grey.
Now how long until you get the matching ottoman I wonder????