Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweet dreams

A while ago I found some time to sit & draw, I don't do it as much these days as I would like to. I have really become accustomed to drawing straight on to the computer. I just find it faster & easier.

So...I wanted to create a design than had a hand drawn element.

I didn't have any particular idea in my head as to watch I was going to draw. I knew I wanted to create a circular design, add some birds, love hearts & flowers. I definitely wanted the letters hand drawn and irregular.

A completed sketch along with some coloured pencils with a loose idea of a colour palette.

Moving fast forward, I scanned the image in, adjusted it & recoloured it & here it is done.

Keeping it round was so new for me as I usually keep my designs square.

I thought a ruffle would change the design up nicely for a change.
using the baby lock stitch on my over locker was great as I haven't used this in ages. It has actually got me a little inspired to get ruffly!!

This is a one off design that I have added in my madeit shop, so basically first in first served.

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Bel said...

So pretty. Love love love the ruffles