Monday, September 12, 2011

What do little people talk about I wonder?

When the sun was shining in Melbourne last week I took advantage of it & spent a lot of time out doors with the kids. On one of those sunny days I sat the kids on out park bench with their afternoon tea. During this time my mobile rang so I raced upstairs to answer it. As I was heading outside I could see the two of them chatting away.

I couldn't make out what they were saying as they were some distance from me. I grabbed my camera to capture this moment. Thank heavens for a zoom lens.

I wonder what they are looking at, or are they contemplating no good?

Is Charlotte asking a question? Or is Hudson telling her something?

It didn't take long before they realised I was there & there moment ended. So while they were in the mood a couple more happy snaps to finished the moment.

Screaming Cheeky!!

All sealed with a sibling kiss...mwah!

I truly love these moments it's so heart warming & reminds me there are so many wonderful things about being a mum even though at times it can be very challenging.
I count my blessings everyday for the happy healthy kids I have.

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