Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas Preview

I have been working frantically on my Christmas designs for this year 2011. I felt like it was never going to end, the continuous changing & tweaking was becoming obsessive. I have arrived so to speak at my "final destination" of completion. There are 6 & I am thrilled to share each one with you. At this stage they are just illustrations to share & will soon be created in the real form.

This year I will be of course doing my mini Christmas stockings. I made them last year for the first time & was thrilled at the response, you can see last years designs here & here.

Here are my designs;
Bird on a Christmas Bauble & Merry Christmas Tree

Christmas owls, one for the boys & girls

Santa of course & a Christmas Angel

The Christmas stockings of course can be personalised which seemed to be the most popular choice last year. Add a name & year, or just the year, it's up to you & again this year personalising will be free
I am wanting to add a new product to work along side the Christmas Stockings, but am still to decide what. If you can see these designs as something else I would LOVE to know you thoughts.

I still can't believe how fast this year is flying & I am scrambling to get my Christmas collection together. What are you racing to complete in time for Christmas this year?

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Vik said...

Gorgeous as usual Kylie! Hmmmm what about some fabric baubles to go with the stockings? Oh and to answer your other question...I'm racing to complete my Christmas shopping in time - for once LOL :)